Andalucia prepares for water restrictions in summer

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water restrictions Andalucia

SEVILLE – Andalucia is on the brink of possible water restrictions in the summer. This was said by Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucía. The region, ravaged by persistent drought, is considering strict measures if much-needed rainfall fails to materialise.

Although it has been raining in the region in recent days, the amount of precipitation is nowhere near enough to prevent further restrictions. Unless a miracle is going to happen the coming months. 

In December, Spain’s weather service Aemet warned of the severity of the situation, the worst since 1961. With reservoirs only 20.45% full – far below the desired level of 50.83% – the region faces major challenges. The province of Almería, with a worryingly low level of 9.38%, and Málaga, where the water level of the La Viñuela reservoir is only 7.27%, have been particularly hard hit.

Emergency measures

On January 29, the Junta de Andalucía will adopt a fourth Drought Decree, backed by almost €200 million in funds. A quarter of this amount is specifically destined to the agricultural sector. The Drought Decree include plans to expand desalination capacity and tap underground water sources. In addition, the possibility of water transfers between provinces and even countries is also being explored, with Portugal as a potential partner.

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The role of the community

Moreno emphasises the importance of responsible water use by citizens, the private sector, and government institutions. He calls for realism and awareness to face the crisis together. The Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has offered to work together to address the drought but noted that the Junta has not requested any transfers. The responsibility for water management lies with both the central government and the regional government. Therefore, the situation requires serious collaboration among all relevant authorities.

Preparing for the worst

As a last resort, Andalucia is considering bringing in water by ship, a plan that could come into effect in June if the situation does not improve. The ports of Carboneras, Málaga and Algeciras are already being prepared for this. This extreme measure underlines the severity of the drought crisis the region is facing.

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