American tourism hits “historical highs” in Spain

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American tourism

A surprising piece of data has been released by the Corporate Association of Specialised Travel Agencies (Acave). In its forecasts for Easter it has placed the United States as the third-largest source market for Spain, only behind the usual leaders, France and the United Kingdom.

The survey was conducted by Spain’s leading sector association among its 400 associated agencies. It indicates that international markets will continue to outweigh the national ones in trips to Spanish destinations during the Easter holidays. Thus, 75% of travel bookings correspond to foreign tourists compared to 25% of nationals.

By country, the most important source markets for travel agencies’ clients will be France and the UK. These nationalities constitute the main group of arrivals on these dates. The first two are followed by the US, now occupying a surprising third position. Behind them, other traditional but slightly declining emitters, such as Germany and the Nordic market —Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland—, will be positioned.

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The most demanded Spanish destinations by foreign visitors for this period will be the Canary and Balearic archipelagos. Furthermore, we see the traditional destinations at the Mediterranean coast, especially Catalonia, Andalucia, and the Valencian Community. However, there is also growing demand for urban destinations like Barcelona and Madrid.

Increase in bookings

As reflected by both issuing and receiving agencies, 52% of respondents expect to increase their bookings by between 5% and 15% compared to 2023. Another 26% anticipate an increase in bookings even above 15%. This new trend highlights the growing importance of the American market for Spanish tourism. 

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