Half of sunscreens do not comply, according to the Spanish consumer organisation

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We like to sit in the sun, but we prefer not to get sunburned. That’s why many people use sunscreens or sprays. However, an analysis conducted by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) found that many sun damage prevention products do not deliver the levels of protection they promise.

The OCU analysed 15 facial sunscreen products available in supermarkets, pharmacies and perfumeries. In all cases, these are products with SPF 50 and 50+ from well-known brands. The goal: to determine their quality and protective effectiveness of these creams. The results of the OCU analysis reveal that half do not comply with what is advertised on the label. They are sold as SPF 50 and 50+ protection, but only reach a factor of 30.


The OCU has denounced the non-compliance of the manufacturers of sunscreens included in the study to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS). In addition, the consumer organisation demands that the results be verified. The brands with incorrect labelling must be sanctioned.

Not a promised factor, but safe

From OCU they clarify that although some of the facial sunscreens “do not always reach the advertised protection level of SPF 50 or 50+, they are nevertheless still safe”. The organisation does point out the importance of transparency in the information provided by the brands. “They must comply with what has been established and what is communicated on the packaging.”

In this sense, the OCU emphasises that “sun protection is essential to prevent skin damage. When choosing a facial sunscreen, check its actual effectiveness. Additionally, look for brands that are committed to safety and truth.

Facial sunscreen brands that don’t meet the level of protection they advertise, according to the OCU study:

Piz Buin Hydro Infusion Sun Gel Cream Face SPF 50
Rituals Invisible Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50+
Nivea Sun Facial Sensitive 50
Biotherm Waterlover Face Sunscreen SPF 50+
Lancaster Sun Sensitive Oil Free Milky Face Fluid SPF 50

A cream meets neither the SPF protection nor the announced UVA protection:

Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Cream SPF 50+.

There is another product that, according to the UVA test, does not comply with what is indicated on the label:

Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water Magic SPF 50 does not meet the announced UVA protection, but does comply with the stated SPF.

In total, according to the OCU study, 7 out of 15 samples do not offer what they claim.

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