Eight persons arrested for distribution of child pornography in Spain

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child pornography

In a large-scale operation, the Spanish National Police have arrested eight people on suspicion of storing and distributing child pornography.

The arrests took place in several cities across Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Ciudad Real, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. One of those arrested in Madrid is accused of setting up a pedophile network. Child pornographic material was distributed via that network of more than 200 people.

Thousands of files containing child pornographic material

Police conducted seven searches and seized various equipment during the operation. This includes five hard drives, two computers and eight mobile phones. Thousands of files containing child pornography material were found on these devices, which authorities say are of “extreme harshness”.

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This action is part of a coordinated effort by the Central Cybercrime Unit, in collaboration with Europol. The aim of the action was to identify and tackle individuals who distribute child pornography material online. The focus was on individuals who stood out for their high level of activity and involvement in these crimes.

‘Cyber Week’ against sexual exploitation of children

The operation against child pornography was carried out as part of “Cyber Week” against child sexual exploitation in Europe. This initiative, organised by the French gendarmerie, saw the participation of several European countries, including Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. The aim of this project is to get European countries to work together in the fight against pedophile networks that distribute child pornographic material.

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