Historic action against extensive child pornography network in Spain

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child pornography

MADRID – Spain’s National Police has carried out a large-scale operation against child pornography, arresting 121 people and seizing 500 terabytes of content.

This action, started by the Unidad Central de Ciberdelincuencia, is one of the most important ever carried out in Spain. The operation involved 125 searches across the country, during which a large quantity of computers and storage devices were confiscated.

Shocking discoveries and arrests

One man was arrested in Madrid with more than two million files showing sexual abuse of very young girls. Many of the videos were extremely violent and were stored on ten hard drives.

Another was arrested in Alicante for possessing multimedia files containing sexually explicit images of two underage boys, which turned out to have been recorded in his own home. Three people were arrested in Cáceres and Almería, one of whom accepted a five-year prison sentence for the possession and distribution of material relating to child pornography.

Extensive seizure

A total of 946 storage devices, 60 computers, 47 mobile phones, 6 tablets, a video camera and other electronic devices were seized. All the material is currently being technically analysed by the police. The aim is therefore, to find new clues that can help identify new victims of sexual abuse. They are also looking for contacts who are part of a network of pedophiles.

The arrests were the result of preventive investigations by the National Cyber Patrol Police to combat pedophile networks. The operation required the participation of 46 territorial units of agents specialised in cybercrime.

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