Spanish tourism magnates shine in Forbes richest list

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MADRID – The latest Forbes list of the ‘100 richest Spaniards in 2023’ reveals that as many as 15 tourism-related entrepreneurs are among Spain’s financial elite.

Among them is Sandra Ortega, shareholder of Inditex and daughter of Amancio Ortega who is again the richest person in Spain and the 13th richest in the world. With an estimated fortune of more than €7 billion, his daughter occupies second place on the list, just after her father.

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Stars of the tourism industry

The list includes several prominent names in the Spanish tourism sector. Furthermore, it highlights the huge impact of the tourism sector on the Spanish economy and also confirms Spain’s status as a world leader in this industry:

  • Sandra Ortega: Inditex shareholder with investments in hotels and resorts – €7.1 billion.
  • Tomás Olivo: owner of General de Galerías Comerciales, now also active in hotel investments – €3.5 billion.
  • Miguel Fluxá: Executive Chairman of Grupo Iberostar with hotels and resorts – €2.5 billion.
  • Alicia Koplowitz: owner of Omega Capital, owns accommodation properties – €2.4 billion.
  • Simón Pedro Barceló: from Barceló Hotel Group – €1.6 billion.
  • Carmen Thyssen: from the Thyssen Museum in Madrid – €1.4 billion.
  • Helena Revoredo: chairman of Prosegur, recently purchased first hotel – €1.2 billion.
  • Eustasio López: owner of Lopesan Hotel Group – €1.2 billion.
  • Carmen and Luis Riu: from RIU Hotels & Resorts – €960 million.
  • Gabriel Escarrer Juliá: founder of Meliá Hotels International – €720 million.
  • Carlota Galán Ruiz: from the travel agency of department store chain El Corte Inglés (El Corte Inglés Viajes ECI) – €660 million.
  • Marta and Cristina Álvarez: from El Corte Inglés (Viajes ECI) – €645 million.
  • Isabel García: President of Grupo Piñero (hotels and resorts) – €500 million.
  • Adolfo Utor: President of Baleària (Maritime Transport and Transport) – €350 million.
  • Wolfgang Kiessling: from the Loro Parque group (theme parks Loro Park, Siam Park and Acuario Poema del Mar) – €350 million.

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