King of Spain reveals private wealth

by Lorraine Williamson
King of Spain -

MADRID – King Felipe VI of Spain promises during his coronation to modernise the Spanish Crown and to be an example to gain the confidence of the Spaniards. For this reason, he decides to make public his accumulated wealth over the past 25 years. 

King Felipe VI of Spain is honest about his personal wealth: Zarzuela says that the private wealth of the Spanish king amounts to €2,573,392.80. Felipe VI has just over €2.2 million of this in deposits in current (savings) accounts and shares in funds. He also owns a little over 3 tons of art, antiques, and jewellery. 

Assets of Spanish king collected in 25 years 

The Spanish royal family announced in an official written statement on April 25 that Felipe VI has collected these possessions over the past 25 years. First as Prince of Asturias from 1998 and later as King of Spain from 2014. In total, the king received more than €4.2 million over this period, of which more than €2.5 million is left over due to the taxes withheld over the years. 

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Spanish king wants to modernise Crown by being open about wealth 

The reason Zarzuela is disclosing the king’s private wealth is that Felipe VI has wanted to set an example for the Spaniards since his coronation in 2014. He wants to modernise the Spanish Crown and win the respect and trust of the people. The king wants to do this by being honest and transparent about, among other things, his accumulated wealth. 

The statement, therefore, refers to the king’s speech on June 19, 2014. In this, the Spanish king said that the inhabitants of Spain value openness and responsibility. The Spanish king must not only set an example here but also give the same openness as the hard-working inhabitants of Spain do. 

Spanish government parties informed about king’s decision 

Zarzuela sources say both the government of Spain and the main opposition party, the Popular Party, were informed in advance of the king’s decision to disclose his private assets. 

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