Sexual abuse in Spain continues to increase

by Lorraine Williamson
sexual abuse

The percentage of victims of sex crimes in Spain rose significantly last year. Nearly half of the nearly 17,000 victims are minors and the number of abuse cases by two or more perpetrators is increasing at an alarming rate. 

The Ministry of the Interior drew these conclusions from their report on sexual offenses in Spain. In 2021, the percentage of victims of sex crimes increased by 33% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the Ministry says that in 2021 the number of sex crimes committed by two or more perpetrators also increased. 

Profile of victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse 

Almost half (48.8%) of the 16,986 victims who reported the crime were minors. In nine out of ten cases of sexual offenses or the restriction of a person’s (sexual) freedom, the victim was a woman. The most predominant profile of the perpetrator is a Hispanic man between the ages of 41 and 64. 

Police in Spain solve more cases of sexual assault

The Secretary of State for Security has seen an increasing trend in the number of sexual offenses in Spain in recent years. The number of crimes in this area continues to increase every year. However, figures show that the police are becoming more and more effective in investigating these cases. By 2021, 81% of all 17,016 investigated cases will be completed and the perpetrator identified. 

The police in Spain has gained more knowledge in this area and shared it with each other. Units from the Guardia Civil, Mossos d’Escuadra, the Policía Nacional and other regional services are working together and sharing information to tackle this problem jointly. 

Which Sexual Abuse Violations Are Most Common? 

Collective figures from various police units show that there are several offenses that fall most frequently within this category. The most common offenses are abuse (with and without penetration), sexual assault, child pornography and exhibitionism. In the vast majority of cases (76%) it concerns sexual abuse and assault. 

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