Again nuisance of alcohol abuse in tourist areas in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
nuisance tourist

PALMA – Despite the law against tourist nuisance in the Balearic Islands that came into effect in 2020, tourists continue to create scenes of chaos, dirt and damage every weekend in Playa de Palma on the island of Mallorca. 

The high season has already started and hundreds of Northern European tourists, including many British and Germans, fill Playa de Palma’s “bierstrasse” (beer street) in the evening. Although the police apparatus has been strengthened, excesses are occurring again. 

Local representatives in Diario de Mallorca express their concern about the situation and advocate further measures. Blai Carbonell, Vice President of the Association of Local Residents of Playa de Palma, emphasises the need for a “tourism regeneration process” that “guarantees the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area”. 

Miquel Cañellas, representative of the Platform of Local Residents and Hoteliers ‘For a Civilized Playa de Palma’, calls for an increased police presence and calls for the reintroduction of mounted police. The latter was previously abolished due to concerns about animal welfare. 

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Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Palma Beach Hotel, shares the view that there should be more police presence. And, furthermore that the officers deployed in the tourist area during the summer season should arrive earlier. He emphasises that the month of May should already be regarded as high season. Moreover ,the nice weather ensures that the crowds start earlier. 

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Alcohol tourism is not yet at its peak 

However, David Servera, president of the Association of Local Residents Amics de s’Arenal, notes that alcohol tourism has not yet reached its peak. According to him, June is the month of study trips from the Northern European mainland. This is when it often leads to undesirable behaviour on the beach. 

Dress code restored in Palma Beach restaurants 

Eleven restaurants in Playa de Palma affiliated with the Palma Beach brand will reintroduce a dress code. This initiative was successfully launched last year. Furthermore, it helped combat the nuisance of drinking tourism and prevent inappropriate scenes,

Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Palma Beach, tells Diario de Mallorca that the dress code initiative will continue this year. “It was a great success and this year we will undoubtedly continue with the initiative, as the profile of the tourists in Playa de Palma remains the same. 

The dress code prohibits wearing sleeveless shirts, swimsuits and costumes in restaurants. You are also not allowed to wear accessories purchased from street vendors. This includes gold chains, football team clothing, or advertising from other establishments that promote drinking tourism. 

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