After ‘polar sneeze’, the first real heatwave for all of Spain is approaching

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heatwave to hit Spain

MADRID – Summer temperatures have been somewhat bearable for a few days thanks to the ‘polar sneeze’ that has been sweeping Spain from the northwest since Saturday. However, we must now mentally prepare ourselves for another period of heat. 

The Spanish Meteorological Institute Aemet predicts a heatwave that will start on Tuesday, August 10. Furthermore, it will cause maximum temperatures throughout Spain from Thursday persistently above 35 degrees Celsius. Also, minimum temperatures continue to fluctuate around 20 degrees. 

This situation has led the Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya to issue a heatwave warning from Wednesday. Moreover, it is expected to continue for several days, probably until Saturday. So far, the highest temperature recorded in Catalonia this summer is 40.6 degrees on July 22 in Anglès (Selva). 

43 degrees in Ávila 

The highest value of the maximum temperature is expected to be 43 degrees next weekend in Candeleda (Ávila). And the highest minimum temperature of 25 degrees in Segovia is also expected next weekend. 

Except in areas above 1,200 meters altitude, Aemet expects the heatwave to last for several days with these minimums. As such, this could affect sleep. 

Very hot in Andalucia 

This heatwave will continue from next Thursday through Tuesday or Wednesday of next week with temperatures between 40 and 46 degrees. In Galicia, it can reach 31 degrees, while the mercury in Murcia can reach 39 degrees. 

From the middle of this week, very high temperatures will be registered in Andalucia, especially along the banks of the Guadalquivir in Seville (more than 45 degrees at the weekend) and more than 43 degrees in Córdoba. 

Day and night temperatures will rise in most of the country in the coming days. Furthermore, the difference between the start of the week and the weekend can be great. For example, in Logroño it will not be warmer than 29 degrees on Monday, while on Friday it could be 41 degrees in the shade. Likewise, in Madrid, the temperature will be comparable. 

According to Aemet, it would be the first real heatwave of the year to hit the whole of Spain between Wednesday 11 August and Monday 16 August. Only Cantabria and parts of Galicia will largely escape it. 

Overall, it will be warmest between Friday and Sunday. Particularly in large parts of the southern half, the east and the middle of the peninsula, and in parts of the Balearic Islands, it will be more than 40ºC. 

In fact, it is likely to be 42-44 degrees in the valleys of the southern half of the country and in the Ebro Valley and 35ºC in practically the rest. In areas with very high maximum temperatures, overnight will also be high, minimum temperatures can reach 24-25ºC. 

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