Zara presents AZ, the first virtual clothing collection in the metaverse

by Lorraine Williamson
AZ virtual clothing -

MADRID – Zara is taking its first steps into the metaverse, the fast-growing virtual world of games and AR (augmented reality). The Spanish fashion chain presents AZ, a virtual clothing collection. This is available from today on the website of the Spanish brand. 

The virtual clothing collection AZ was created in collaboration with the South Korean brand Ader Error. It is especially intended for the chat and game app Zepeto. The project is a nod to Generation Z. Customers who purchase any of the items for sale will be able to have their own virtual avatar in the metaverse* (the next generation of the web) with the same clothes they bought in real life. 

“The designs reflect the lifestyle of people whose personalities are shaped by simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual world,” explains the brand on its website. 

Dress up avatars 

The collection, available from today on the Spanish brand’s website, can also be visited on Zepeto. This is a platform, and app that allows users to generate avatars and create imaginary worlds. It is an example of a metaverse. Furthermore, in this virtual world, everyone has their own avatar. They can dress and style these however they want. Users can then play online games or chat with friends via their avatar. Ralph Lauren, Disney, and Nike have also previously designed outfits for the app. 

AZ Collection from Zara, with unisex shades and characterised by wide and comfortable patterns, consists of winter clothing with a casual style such as trousers, jackets, or sweatshirts. The pieces range from €199 for a quilted jacket to €39.95 for a hat. 

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FashionNetwork writes that the AZ collection reflects on “the ability of language to express ideas, generate new forms of thinking and create new cultures”, with the alphabet as an “inexhaustible source of creativity” – just like the lifestyles of young people. 

Also for ‘real people’ 

In addition to the virtual avatars of famous models, who only visualise the collection in the metaverse and in videos and photos, an offline counterpart has also been launched: the clothing collection for ‘real’ people, which is for sale via the Zara and Ader Error webshop and in selected stores. 

Launched in 2014, Ader Error is one of the Korean brands with the most projection in the country. Furthermore, the brand is particularly popular, especially with young audiences. 

Zara not a pioneer 

However, Zara is not the first in the fashion world to enter the virtual world. H&M launched a virtual clothing collection in the world of Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s video game, and there are already other brands present on the Zepeto platform, such as Gucci and Nike. 

*Metaverse is the entire network of interconnected 3D virtual spaces in which the users can interactively browse and interact, often by means of avatars. It includes all virtual worlds, augmented reality and takes place on the internet. 

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