Campaign by OSI to enhance internet security awareness

by Lorraine Williamson
internet security

Talking about viruses and threats on the internet has become a common topic in our daily conversations. Whether it’s incidents that have personally affected us or those in our immediate surroundings, these internet security issues are frequently in the news or discussed around us.

But do we truly understand what a virus is? Are we familiar with other common online threats? And do we know how to combat them effectively?

Cybercriminals, individuals who engage in malicious activities leveraging their computer skills, have diverse motivations, such as seeking economic gains or spreading disinformation. They deploy malware or computer viruses to achieve their objectives, causing harm to systems, stealing information from affected users, or taking control of their devices. The landscape of malware is varied, encompassing terms like trojans, adware, ransomware, or botnets, each with specific methods of propagation and distinct consequences.

OSI awareness campaign on internet security

In the awareness campaign presented by OSI (Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta), they delve into everything related to viruses and other common threats that citizens face every day, often without realising it. Over the coming weeks, through the advice of the OSI, we aim to give names and characteristics to the most prevalent cyber threats in an easily comprehensible manner, empowering you to identify and understand them. Furthermore, there will be guidelines on protecting yourself from various cyber threats, such as having an updated antivirus, downloading software from trusted sources, using secure passwords, avoiding suspicious email links, and regularly backing up data, among other practices.

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It is also essential to know how to respond if, despite taking all precautions, you become a victim of malware. Actions like disconnecting your device from the network to prevent the threat from spreading, uninstalling programs or applications related to the threat, or preserving evidence are some of the recommendations.

However, for a more in-depth understanding and valuable resources, we encourage you to visit the official OSI website, (in Spanish) where you can find videos, infographics, guides, and monographs. Armed with comprehensive information about viruses and other threats, you will be better equipped to face them.

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