Creative bicycles thief caught in Benidorm

by Lorraine Williamson
Benidorm bicycles thief

BENIDORM – Agents of the National Police have arrested an alleged thief of several bicycles in Benidorm. The bicycles were stolen from communal garages of various urbanisations. 

Security camera recordings from one of the urbanisations were essential for the police to carry out the arrest. Ultimately, the officers managed to recover two of the stolen bicycles. One of which belonged to a 77-year-old woman and the other was a child´s bike. Therefore, these were returned to their rightful owner. 

The investigation began in mid-October. At this time, it became known bicycle thefts had taken place in several communal garages of urbanisations in the city. Through the images from the security cameras of the respective garages, the police were able to confirm thief who stole the bicycles in Benidorm was a woman with a special modus operandi and physically very characteristic

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The investigators were able to see how the thief proceeded. After a brief inspection outside, the woman waited for a resident to enter the garage. She then entered it by secretly following the resident. Once inside, she stole a bike and walked out with it as if it were her own. However, because the automatic garage door was of course closed again, the woman left the bicycle inside next to the door. Then she waited outside again until another resident entered the urbanisation through the garage. Again she sneaked in, quickly grabbed the bike, and took it outside. Furthermore, the thief made sure no one associated her with the bicycle within the urbanisation because they only saw her walking. Moreover, in case she was discovered, she could easily escape. 

The footage also indicated to police that the thief was helped by a man who stood guard outside while the woman was inside. 

The detainee, a 40-year-old woman of Spanish nationality, with a history, will appear in front of the investigating judge in Benidorm. 

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