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Are you unhappy with your health insurance in Spain or looking for one that fits your needs? Then read further.

If your health insurance has been cancelled, your premium has been increased with your age, your medical directory or cover fall short or you’re simply not happy with the service, the best option is to look for insurance in Spain that fits your needs and has multiple benefits, such as ASSSA medical insurance.

Unique guarantees

ASSSA doesn’t increase your medical insurance premium due to age. Plus, the company guarantees the non-cancellation of your policy in the contract, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll have lifetime cover protecting you always, something that’s extremely important.

Personal attention in your language

With ASSSA, language won’t be a barrier, as from day one you’ll be assigned a multilingual contact person in your nearest office to personally advise, help and look after you.

Plus, the ASSSA insurance company has many medical centres where different languages are spoken or where translation services are available.

Health insurance to suit you

ASSSA provides different types of cover, all without copayments, that can fit each person’s needs. Likewise, for anyone needing health insurance to obtain a Visa or Residence permit in Spain, ASSSA’s insurance is ideal because it meets all the requirements of Consulates and Immigration Offices.

The Company is also highly specialised in dealing with international citizens and offers direct access to specialists and private medical services without waiting lists in numerous prestigious medical centres.

Alongside all this, ASSSA has many other advantages, including the possibility of a second medical opinion or preventive medicine, perfect for taking care of your health.

Insure your health with ASSSA

If you’re currently with another insurance company in Spain and you switch to ASSSA medical insurance, you’ll get facilities and advantages, such as the removal of waiting periods.

Now is the best time to contract your health insurance with ASSSA, as you’ll benefit from its lifetime discounts and exclusive guarantees.

With ASSSA your health is well protected. Click here for more information.

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