Do you want to live in Spain? ASSSA is the perfect medical insurance for visas and residence permits

by Lorraine Williamson
ASSSA Insurance
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If you need private health insurance to obtain a Spanish residence permit or visa (Spanish non-lucrative visa, golden visa, or digital nomad visa), it is important to consider whether the company meets all the requirements, caters to your needs, and helps you with your transactions without language barriers.

ASSSA Insurance, a Company with more than 80 years of experience, has a high degree of specialisation in policyholders of different nationalities and its health insurance policies comply with the conditions established by the Consulates and Immigration Offices for obtaining a visa and residence permit in Spain. The Company also issues the policies and provides the required certificate immediately so that you can present your documentation, making it easier for you to enter Spanish territory.

To guarantee your peace of mind, it offers medical, surgical, and hospital cover and has multilingual professionals in all its branches who will answer your queries and inform you of the contractual conditions with complete transparency.

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Furthermore, ASSSA offers multiple benefits: an extensive medical directory with prestigious doctors and international clinics in Spain equipped with the latest technology, access to services without waiting lists, and a wide network of offices with personalised, friendly, and professional service in your own language.

ASSSA always takes care of the health of its Policyholders and personalises the contracting of your medical insurance in Spain, adapting to the dates in an agile manner so that the process of applying for a Visa or Residence Permit is quicker and your stay in Spain is as pleasant as possible.

Choose ASSSA, choose peace of mind and health in Spain.

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