The most interesting insurance policies for expats in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
expat insurance

MADRID – Just like at home, the moment you move to another country, you want to avoid risks at all costs. You can protect yourself against most risks with good insurance. But what insurance do expats in Spain need? 

Which company should you take out insurance with? Will it also be possible in your own language? If you ask yourself these questions, a Spanish insurance broker like Cogesa Expats, where perfect English is spoken, can help you save a lot of time and money. Founded in 1917, Cogesa is a full-service insurance brokerage in Spain. Furthermore, Cogesa’s multilingual insurance agents are always looking for the best insurance options for all customers. They can offer this because Cogesa has an extensive international network and is represented in more than 90 countries. 

Cogesa Expats department

To be able to offer people who have emigrated good solutions regarding their insurance policies, the company set up the Cogesa Expats department. This offers information and advice about the various insurance options on the Spanish market. Cogesa Expats offers coverage for the whole of Spain, including the following areas;

  • Costa Brava
  • Costa Blanca
  • Costa del Sol
  • Barcelona
  • Alicante
  • Málaga
  • Canary Islands
  • Balearic Islands. 

Service package Cogesa Expats 

The Cogesa Expats team will guide you through the conditions, benefits, and different premiums of various types of insurance. Furthermore, this makes the process easier to get the right insurance solutions in your language. Within the full range of services, you will find private health insurance and accident insurance, car insurance as well as insurance for other vehicles, such as motorcycles, caravans, and boats. Then there is home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, repatriation and funeral insurance, transportation insurance, office insurance, professional liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, insurance for bicycles, electric scooters and other personal vehicles, construction insurance, savings and pension plans. 

Cogesa works with the best national and international insurance companies, including Aegon, AIG, Allianz, ARAG, ASISA, AXA, Caser, DKV, Sanitas, Mapfre, Generali, Liberty, Reale and Zurich. This allows Cogesa to offer competitive prices so that you can find cheaper insurance without compromising your safety and security. 

Main insurance to have in Spain 

To give you an idea of ​​which insurance policies should be a priority in Spain, Cogesa provides some figures about the most frequently taken out insurance policies in Spain by foreigners. These are vehicle insurance, in particular car insurance (more than 60% of expats), followed by private health insurance with supplementary dental insurance (30%) and home insurance (contents/buildings/liability) against theft and damage caused by natural disasters (20%). 

Health insurance 

Many customers already have one of the three insurance policies but want a no-obligation quote to see if a better premium can be realised. The demand for private health insurance has increased in recent years because of the great pressure on the Spanish state health care system after many rounds of financial cutbacks. These have led to a deterioration in the quality of care for those who contribute to the Spanish social security system and their families and pensioners from EU countries.

Due to the large number of people who rely on public care, in combination with the bad experiences about medical procedure services, doctor visits and long waiting lists, many people in Spain decide to take out additional private health insurance. The major advantages of this are that you can go to a medical specialist or for a medical examination more quickly and that you can choose from an extensive database of doctors and specialists. 

Home insurance 

Finally, many expats in Spain own a home and would like to properly protect it, including their personal belongings, and thus insure it against risks such as theft or natural disasters such as the recent floods or forest fires.  

Find your insurance in Spain 

Are you about to move to Spain, do you already live there, and do you have specific insurance needs, or do you want to see if you can cut the insurance premium you pay currently? If you are planning a move from the UK, remember there are now different requirements regarding health care. Cogesa Expats can help! Do not hesitate to contact Cogesa Expats for a non-binding quote for the best insurance offers for expats in Spain. When it’s about your health, your belongings, or your home, if you feel confident about that, you can really enjoy the Mediterranean life in Spain! 


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