What are Spain’s biggest concerns?

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MADRID – Spaniards are not necessarily concerned about the amnesty law, but rather about economic problems, unemployment, healthcare and politics ‘in general’.

This is evident from the latest poll by the Spanish research institute CIS. Anyone who believes the media would think the new amnesty law that is dividing the country is a major concern among the Spanish population. However, the recurring and persistent dissatisfaction of the political right and extreme right about the issue does not seem to really concern citizens. Although the controversial amnesty law was the condition for forming a new government, according to the CIS, only 0.6% of respondents consider this the most important problem in the country.

Economic problems come first

The measure to grant amnesty to convicted Catalan separatists is one of the three biggest problems in Spain for 2.3% of the population. However, concerns about the new amnesty law rank 24th in the rankings, far behind number one: economic problems. More than a third of respondents cited economic problems in their top three biggest problems in Spain.

Politics worries respondents

Unemployment ranks third among Spaniards’ greatest concerns. For 8% of respondents, this topic even comes first. However, the theme is behind number two in the ranking: problems in politics ‘in general’. According to the CIS, the fact that this topic is in second place shows that citizens notice the bickering in the Spanish political arena. Three of the five most important problems identified are politically related. The ‘bad behaviour’ of politicians rises to number four.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Healthcare, labour market, and immigration

Amnesty, the independence of Catalonia, and nationalism may worry the Spaniards, but health care, the quality of the labour market, and immigration are much higher in the rankings. These topics rank 6, 7, and 8 respectively. Concerns about housing and climate change are also common among the Spanish population.

With its poll, the CIS also refutes the position of the political parties PP and Vox about the problems surrounding employment in Spain. Only 0.1% of respondents see it as their biggest concern. Moreover, barely 0.4% mention it as one of the country’s biggest problems.

Spaniards are not necessarily concerned about the amnesty law, but rather about economic problems, unemployment, healthcare, and politics ‘in general’.

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