Gynecological or urological consultation at the boss’s expense

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Gynecological consultation

MADRID – Patrimonio Nacional, the public institution responsible for the management of Spain’s cultural heritage, will pay for gynecological and urological consultations for its employees at a private clinic.

These services are part of the annual health promotion program that the organisation offers to its 1,097 employees. This includes both permanent and contract staff.

The contract was awarded to Hospital Viamed Fuensanta in Madrid in July. According to the organisation, these medical check-ups are part of “annual health campaigns to promote health” by their officials.

Genecological consultations

For female employees, the service includes a gynecological consultation, a breast examination, an ultrasound, and if necessary, a mammography and/or bilateral breast ultrasound. Patrimonio Nacional plans to carry out 231 such consultations per year, but will only invoice for examinations actually carried out.

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Urological consultations

As for urological consultations for male employees, these include a physical examination (including rectal examination), an ultrasound, blood tests and the provision of individual medical reports. The organisation estimates that 248 of these urological consultations will take place annually.

Budget of €256,920 for three years

In total, Patrimonio Nacional has allocated a budget of up to €256,920 for these services over a three-year period. The costs for each gynecological consultation will vary between €220 and €250, depending on the location of the employee. Urological consultations will cost between €130 and €160.

No explanation of organisation’s decision

Patrimonio Nacional is responsible for the management of 19 palaces, monasteries and royal convents, as well as 22,000 hectares of historic gardens, forests and other natural areas. It is not clear why Patrimonio Nacional has chosen to enter into this contract at this time. So far, the organisation has not responded to questions about this.

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