Woman walks man on a leash in Valencia

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man on leish

VALENCIA – In the shade of the orange trees and the bustling city bustle of Valencia, a strange scenario has unfolded. A woman was walking a man on a leash. Many people on the street will have noticed and a video report reached millions of viewers worldwide.

On November 24, Calle Colón, one of Valencia’s most central streets, became the scene of a bizarre display: a woman walking a man on a dog leash. The incident was captured on video and subsequently went viral on TikTok. The images sparked astonishment and hilarity among millions of viewers.


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Man on all fours

The protagonist of this unusual scene is a woman who walks with striking calm through the busy streets of Valencia, holding a man on a dog leash. The man, on all fours, follows her meekly. Spanish Tania López captured this unique spectacle and shared it on TikTok. Her video has now been viewed more than 2.4 million times and generated 3,000 comments.

Astonishment and humour

Reactions on social media range from disbelief to amusement. Some users expressed their confusion, claiming that there is “no emoji that can represent their facial expression” when seeing the video. Others speculate whether it was a staged action, while still others note that “people are getting crazier and crazier.”

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A second video

The story takes an even stranger turn in the second video, posted by the same TikTok account. In it we see the man playing the role of a dog, attempting to snap at passers-by. Then he even bites the woman who walks him. She responds by ‘reprimanding’ him for his behaviour, further escalating the bizarre interaction. At the end of the viral footage, the boy aka dog can be seen rubbing against a pole to ‘mate’ with it and then pretending to urinate. 


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A mirror of society or pure madness?

In the comments, people wonder about the limits of public expression and the role of social media in magnifying such spectacles. Is it a reflection of society’s increasing search for shock value and sensation or simply an expression of individual eccentricity? One thing is certain: they have received attention.

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