Shakira and her children in fun TikTok viral video

by Lorraine Williamson
Shakira and children

Everyone, including Shakira and her children, seems to be on TikTok these days. Although, my nine-year-old knows far more about it than I do.

There is so much to learn from TikTok, it is easy to get hooked on the latest craze or song. But particularly the challenges are proving to be the most popular.


Trending at the moment is J Balbin and Skrillex’s song ‘In Da Getto’ challenge. So popular, Shakira has risen to the challenge and posted a video with her two children; Milan aged 8, and Sasha aged 6. It is not surprising this version has gone viral.

All that is missing is Pique

Dressed in sportswear, the three of them perform the fun choreography. The children seem to have inherited their mother’s talent for dancing. What a shame Piqué wasn´t there too.

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In Da Getto

Alongside the TikTok post, Shakira wrote, “In Da Getto ‘with my new dancers”.


With nearly 140,000 reactions from her followers, some of the comments have mentioned how “the little one looks more like Shakira and the bigger one more like Pique” and “I thought you were a teenager, like they had a big sister or something” and also “this was the best on TikTok today”.

Let´s hope we see more from the Pique family.

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