This is how Ikea became a trending topic in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Gladis by IKEA

MADRID – The killer whale Gladis has been one of the trending topics on Twitter in Spain in recent days. This was prompted by news reports about the attack by a group of killer whales, presumably led by Gladis, on several ships in Spanish waters. 

One of those ships almost sank and another was completely wrecked. An expert theory is that orca Gladis was once traumatised by a collision with a ship and has since been teaching other orcas to attack yachts near Gibraltar. 

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Last Monday, three crew members of a sailing boat were even rescued in Tarifa after a pod of killer whales hit their boat. That same week, four other seamen at Gibraltar experienced a similar situation and also had to be rescued from their sinking boat. 

Cogesa Expats

Orca Gladis became a trending topic 

The news was shared on Twitter and the memes and comments on this news were not long in coming. Consequently, the posts made the name Gladis a trending topic within hours. 

Stuffed animal 

Furthermore, that prompted the Swedish furniture giant to take advantage of the moment and advertise a stuffed animal killer whale they’ve named Gladis. They describe the killer whale as “peluche, orca justiciera,” which means “stuffed animal, killer whale for justice.” 

In Ikea’s Tweet that has gone viral, the photo of the stuffed animal reads: “Justice by day, cute by night. Who wouldn’t want #Gladis protecting their bed? #TeamGladis”. 

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