Seville students design flamenco dresses from IKEA materials

by Lorraine Williamson
students design flamenco dresses

The students entered a competition run by IKEA Sevilla. Remarkably, they used textiles and other sustainable materials from the Swedish shop to design flamenco dresses. For example, duvet covers, pillows, sheets were used, but also bath sponges. 

The aim was multiple. The chain was not only about promoting local talent. But it was also about raising awareness of the value of sustainable textiles for the elaboration of flamenco clothing. It was the 9th edition of IKEA Sevilla’s flamenco clothing competition organised in collaboration with the fashion school (ESSDM).   

 IKEA bath sponges

The first prize, worth €300, went this year to Beatriz González, who won the jury prize with her design made almost entirely of IKEA bath sponges. The second prize chosen by the public, worth €150, went to Laura Muñoz. 

The third prize is determined via IKEA Sevilla’s Facebook page and is worth €100. The winner of this category is the design that gets the most ‘likes’ and ‘I love it’, and can be voted on between 17 and 21 April at noon. 

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 Vote for 3rd place

The jury consists of fashion and beauty influencer Antonella Viera, Diario de Sevilla journalist Pilar Larrondo, IKEA Sevilla director Fernando Pozuelo; ESSDM director María Cámara and the winner of the SIMOF 2023 young fashion designers’ competition Rocío García. 

The first this year is that the designs will not only be used for the competition. On Saturday 15 April, they could be viewed at a fashion show organised by ESSDM at the Santa Clara convent in Seville. Proceeds from the sale of the designs will be used for sustainable causes, among others. 

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(Image: Centre left – Designer: Beatriz González – Model: Alba Carrasco. Centre right – Designer: Laura Muñoz – Model: Claudia Romero)

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