This Spanish city is the third most popular destination on TikTok

by Lorraine Williamson

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, tops the list of the world’s most popular travel destinations on the social media platform TikTok. Videos from this city have accumulated over a billion views. 

This concerns hashtags such as #travel, #travelguide and #travel2023. British company JeffBeat and Search Intelligence Ltd Company collected data on which videos from cities on TikTok garner the most views. Moreover, the hashtag of each city is combined with travel-related hashtags. 

The internal infographics show that after Seoul, with its impressive 1 billion views, Paris takes second place with 481 million views. Barcelona, with its rich culture and architecture, ranks third with 101 million views. Amsterdam and Singapore follow with 72.2 million and 62.9 million views respectively. The top ten ends with the cities of Bangkok, Rome, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo. 

Cogesa Expats
  • Seoul: 1,000,931,500 
  • Paris: 481.305.224 
  • Barcelona: 101,882,604 
  • Amsterdam: 72.201.405 
  • Singapore: 62,890,900 
  • Bangkok: 34,386,100 
  • Rome: 29,500,000 
  • Istanbul: 28,580,845 
  • New York: 24,338,600 
  • Tokyo: 23,666,700 

The report’s researchers point to a changing travel landscape. Traditional advertisements and brochures are no longer the primary influence on travel choices. Instead, travellers now base themselves on what they see on TikTok. The app offers a more realistic view of what to expect when visiting a city, with tips on lesser-known spots and unique experiences. 

With the growing influence of social media on travel decisions, it’s no surprise that cities with a strong TikTok presence are at the top of many travellers’ wish lists. 

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