Will Spain take part in the UEFA Women´s Nations League

by Lorraine Williamson
statement ahead of the The UEFA Women's Nations League

FOOTBALL –  The UEFA Women´s Nations League is about to begin. World Cup winners, Spain are due to play their first match of 6 in group A away on Friday September 22 to Sweden. Their second match is on Tuesday September 26 at Estadio Nuevo Arcángel Stadium in Cordoba against Switzerland. But will there be a team?

Since the medal presentations at the World Cup Final in Sydney, the team´s victory has been overshadowed by the controversey surrounding the kiss, and the subsequent resignation of Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

More changes must be made

And despite the sacking of their manager, Jorge Vilda and the appointment of Montse Tomé, key players, including all those from the World Cup winning side still feel the Federation has not gone far enough, and that more changes must be made.

Consequently, a number of players are still refusing to play the aforementioned games in the UEFA Nations League Competition.

Threat of fines

In the meantime, RFEF is threatening to sue payers who do not play for their country when called upon to do so. The consequences range from potential fines of between €3,000 and €30,000, and having their playing licenses suspended. This would then in turn impact their rights to play at domestic club levels also.

Cogesa Expats

Although Tomé has named her 23-women strong team. However, it remains to be seen how many turn up for duty and agree to play. Furthermore, Jenni Hermoso has been excluded from the squad, seemingly to “protect her”.

Hermoso´s response

Hermoso responded to this by taking to social media with a formal statement entitled, “Protect me from what?”

Thirty nine players from the Spanish squad had signed an open letter stating they were not available for selection for the Spanish team. This was sent to RFEF on Friday.

Bizarely, the majority of these players are named in Tomés lineup. As confirmed by RFEG, the squad is as follows;

  • Misa Rodríquez
  • Enith Salón
  • Cata Coll
  • Ona Batlle
  • Irene Paredes
  • María León
  • Olga Carmona
  • Laia Alexandri
  • María Méndez
  • Oihane Hernández
  • Patri Guijarro
  • Alexia Putellas
  • Tere Abelleira
  • María Pérez
  • Aitana Bonmatí
  • Rosa Márquez
  • Athenea del Castillo
  • Mariona Caldentey
  • Amaiur Sarriegui
  • Inma Gabarro
  • Inma Gabarro
  • Eva Navarro
  • Esther González
  • Lucía García

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