Luis Rubiales has a restraining order to stay away from Jenni Hermoso

by Lorraine Williamson
restraining order

MADRID – A judge in Spain has hit former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, with a restraining order, and banned him from coming within 200 metres of football star Jenni Hermoso. 

This is happening as part of an ongoing investigation into an unwanted kiss he gave her after the World Cup final. The measures are a partial response to the request of the Public Prosecution Service and Hermoso’s private complaint. Rubiales is being investigated on suspicion of sexual aggression and intimidation. Originally, the Public Prosecution Service had asked for a restraining order of 500 metres, but the judge shortened this. 

No further sanctions 

Although the Public Prosecution Service had also requested that Rubiales appear in court every two weeks, this was rejected by the judge. The application for a provisional seizure of his goods, submitted by Hermoso’s lawyer, has also been rejected. 

National and international outrage 

The kiss, in which Rubiales grabbed Hermoso’s head with both hands, caused a wave of national and international outrage. This continued for almost a month after the women’s team’s world championship victory in Sydney. 

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Rubiales defends himself 

Rubiales claims the kiss was mutual. He denies any form of coercion or intimidation towards Hermoso or those surrounding her to justify the incident. The defence lasted only an hour and included questions from all parties involved. 

The world champion’s lawyer, Carla Vall, again emphasised that the kiss was not mutual. “Everyone saw the images. The entire nation saw them. And we can say with certainty that there was no consent on Jenni Hermoso’s part,” Vall said. 

Emotional impact 

Vall added that Hermoso has been emotionally affected by the incident. “This humiliating incident has cast a shadow over a sporting milestone, a great victory,” she said. 

Rubiales arrived at the national court 45 minutes before his scheduled time, accompanied by his lawyer Olga Tubau. The case has received widespread national and international media attention. Upon arriving and leaving the court, Rubiales made no further comments. The media attended in large numbers, underscoring the extent of public interest in this case. 

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