Where in Spain are the cheapest holiday homes?

by Lorraine Williamson
cheap holiday destinations

MADRID – Now that everything is getting more expensive and you are confronted with price increases everywhere, it is important not to spend unnecessarily too much on your holiday. It can save a lot of money if you choose a cheap(er) holiday destination. 

Because you are often also tied to holiday periods, in which everyone goes on a trip, it is often difficult to get the best prices available. Especially in August, when accommodation prices logically rise in proportion to the increase in demand. 

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According to the travel website Holidu, the average for a holiday home in Spain is 180 euros per night. However, the prices vary considerably per region and which period you choose. Moreover, it usually makes a lot of difference whether you choose a location directly by the sea or one in the interior. 

This ranking of the cheapest holiday homes in Spain may help you make a slightly more economical choice. 

The Canary Islands and Extremadura 

In 2022, the Canary Islands and Extremadura will be at the top of the list of destinations with the cheapest rental accommodation. The price per night is €117 and €119 respectively. They are both regions with numerous nature reserves, beautiful coasts and in the case of Extremadura many places where you can swim in natural waters, such as lakes and rivers. They are ideal destinations for families looking for affordable holidays. 

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If you are a beach lover, but can’t find good deals on airfare to the Canary archipelago, then you have other options below the average price close to several coasts of the Spanish mainland. A night on the coast of Almería costs about €138; on the coast of Galicia, €140; on the Costa Cálida (Murcia) €145 and the Costa Verde (Asturias) €155. 

If you don’t necessarily have to sit on the beach, you’re in luck. Because in addition to Extremadura, there are many other cheap destinations in the interior such as Castilla y León (€124), La Rioja (€127), Castilla la Mancha (€131), Navarra (€131) or Aragon (€136), among others.

The most expensive destinations in Spain 

Whether on a solo trip, with family or friends, the coastal areas are always characterised by attracting a large influx of domestic and foreign tourists every year. That is why prices in these areas are often excessive in the high season. 

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In 2022, the most expensive destinations will be the Balearic Islands (€331 per night), the Basque Country (€300), and Catalonia (€204). For this reason, we recommend that if you want to visit them, do it off-season to get better prices. 

The cheapest destinations in Spain 

  • Canary Islands 117 
  • Extremadura 119 
  • Castile and Leon 124 
  • La Rioja 127 
  • Castile-La Mancha 131 
  • Navarre 131 
  • Aragon 136 
  • Galicia 136 
  • Murcia 139 
  • Asturias 147 
  • Madrid Region 150 
  • Cantabria 173 
  • Region of Valencia 176 
  • Andalucia 177 
  • Catalonia 207 
  • Basque Country 300 
  • Balearic Islands 331 

(NIUSdiario.es, price in euros per night) 

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