What do Spaniards spend on average this coming Christmas?

by Lorraine Williamson
Christmas spend

Spaniards are spending more money on shopping, meals, the Christmas lottery and activities during the coming Christmas period than last year. There is an increase of 1.3%, according to a survey by Spanish consumer organisation OCU.  

Spaniards will spend around €745 on average this Christmas. That is €10 more than last year, according to a survey conducted in November by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU).  

This year spending on dinners and meals with family, friends and colleagues will rise from €138 in 2022 to €150. Spending on trips and holidays is also higher this year (€112 compared to €101 last year). Christmas lottery expenses (€71) and gifts (€396) remain unchanged.  

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OCU’s survey shows that the internet remains the most important purchase channel for 36% of respondents. 30% of respondents prefer to buy in physical shops. The rest opt for a combination of online and physical shopping.  

More money spent on outings 

Spaniards are also spending more money on typical Christmas outings. 68% of those surveyed are going to visit a Christmas market (62% last year). 60% plan to watch the Epiphany parade (56% in 2022). And 50% say they will have lunch or dinner with colleagues (44% last year). An overwhelming majority of respondents, 86%, plan to take part in dinners and meals with non-cohabitating family members.  

Gifts big expense 

More than half of the Christmas budget will be spent on gifts: for children, for adults, for Christmas or Epiphany. On average, respondents expect to spend €396 on gifts alone (just over €200 on gifts for children). The survey shows that people often overspend on Christmas shopping. For instance, 55% of consumers think they will spend more than expected and 26% admit they would rather give their gifts in January to take advantage of possible discounts.

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