Weather change in Spain might bring much needed rain

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After a surprisingly warm January, in which temperatures in some parts of Spain reached 30ºC – a rarity for this time of year – the country is on the brink of a major weather change.

The Spanish weather service Aemet has made a prediction that many were eagerly awaiting: it will finally rain. This announcement marks the end of an unusually dry and warm period that has significantly reduced water resources in many regions.

In recent weeks, a strong high-pressure area has blocked all chances of precipitation, leading to a premature spring or even summer atmosphere. But now that is changing. According to Aemet, the long-awaited weather change will manifest itself from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 February, with a wave of rain that will affect the entire country.

Atmospheric river

This phenomenon is also known as an atmospheric river. It will bring “very significant” amounts of rain, particularly to the Atlantic coastal region of the peninsula. The Mediterranean coastal areas and the Canary Islands can count on less precipitation. This rainfall comes exactly after three weeks without significant rainfall. This has put pressure on various sectors, including agriculture.

First mainly rain in Northern Spain

Ahead of this change, the weather forecast for Saturday, February 3 is mostly clear across most of the country. However, there is a possibility of low cloud in the morning and light rainfall in specific areas. Think of Galicia, the Cantabrian Mountains and other regions. Fog will continue in the Canary Islands, but an increase in high cloud from the west is expected.

Relatively high temperatures

Temperatures will remain high for this time of year. Aemet expects a notable increase in the northern half of the peninsula and in the eastern interior. However, minimum temperatures will drop significantly in areas such as the Ebro Valley and the eastern Cantabrian Mountains. Frost is expected in the Pyrenees, in the south of the peninsula, and sporadically in other mountain areas in the north and northeast.​

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