Vox leader celebrates election triumph of far-right Meloni

by Lorraine Williamson
VOX election

MADRID – Santiago Abascal, party leader of Spain’s far-right Vox party, has celebrated the election victory of the also far-right Giorgia Meloni in Italy. “Millions of Europeans have pinned their hopes on Italy,” Abascal said. 

After the victory of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia, Abascal pointed out that the leader of the FdI Giorgia Meloni “has shown the way for a proud, free Europe and sovereign nations, able to work together for security and everyone’s prosperity”, thus can be read on his Twitter account. 

Election Results 

The radical right coalition formed by Fratelli d’Italia (FdI), Liga and Forza Italia (FI) won Sunday’s general election with 42.2% of the vote in the Senate, compared with 26.14% of the vote for the progressive alliance with Lega by Matteo Salvini as the driving force. FdI received the most votes with more than 26% and all indications are that Giorgia Meloni will be the first woman to rule Italy as the new prime minister. 

In a speech just after half past one in the morning, Meloni thanked the leaders of the right-wing parties, giving her an absolute majority. So now it is foreseeable that the President of the Republic, Sergio Matarella, will instruct her to form a government. 

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“It is time for responsibility,” Meloni stressed in a very measured speech without a triumphalist tone, in which she lamented that she “had undergone a violent and aggressive campaign”, but “Italy and the European Union need everyone’s contribution to the complex situation in which we are located”. 

Vox’s statement of support 

In his message on Twitter, Abascal posted several photos in which he appears with the Italian politician. In addition, the official Vox party Twitter account also published a statement of support for the candidate, congratulating Meloni and her party Frateli d’Italia. Other political leaders in Spain such as Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), Alberto Núñez Feíjoó (PP) or Inez Arrimadas (Ciudadanos) remained silent. 

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