Valencia celebrates the start of night bus service with a free concert

by Lorraine Williamson
Free bus

VALENCIA – The Municipal Transport Company in Valencia will start a new night bus service on June 15 with 23 lines that will reach new neighbourhoods. To celebrate, EMT is offering a free concert in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with free buses from 10.00 pm. 

The buses will operate throughout the night in the metropolitan area. Furthermore, there are 12 new lines, bringing the total number of routes to 23. Among the new areas that will be reached at night are;

  • Benimaclet
  • Campanar
  • Castellar-Oliveral
  • Forn d’Alcedo
  • El Saler
  • El Palma
  • El Perellonet
  • Cases de Bàrcena
  • Poble Nou
  • Borbotó
  • Carpesa
  • Benifaraig.

The municipality hopes this will meet the “demands of decades”. 

Free concert on June 18th 

The councillor for Sustainable Mobility in the city and the chairman of EMT, Giuseppe Grezzi also announced that the company will celebrate the start of the night shift with the EMTFest. This will take place on June 18 between 7.30 pm and 1.00 am in Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia. On that day, from 10.00 pm and all night, the buses are free. 


Grezzi sees the start of the night service of city buses starting this month as a “revolution” that will transform mobility in much of Valencia and the metropolitan area around it”. Users will be able to move partly at night on the same network as during the day. The timetable will be offered “uninterrupted and practically 24 hours”. 

The Municipal Transport Company is promoting the new service through an information campaign. This campaign will run until June 18 and will provide information on social networks, at bus stops, on billboards, and on outdoor buses. 

Who performs during the concert? 

The campaign has the song ‘That it never ends’ as the soundtrack. This is from the Valencian group Pupil·les. This group will perform together with Ginebras, Novembre Elèctric, and DJ Paco Plaza during the concert on June 18 at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 

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