The fire in Pujerra rages on

by Lorraine Williamson
work continues as the Pujerra fire rages on

ANDALUCIA – As the strong winds and high temperatures continued today, the fire in Pujerra rages on over 28 hours after it began.

Initial estimates so far from INFOCA indicate that some 2,150 hectares of forest have been affected to varying degrees.

As of this morning, this was the information available from INFOCA regarding the coordinated effort.

Fire update info

Furthermore, they were able to report the favourable situation of their injured colleagues. The two who were slightly injured, have been discharged. However, the third firefighter had 10% burns, but he has now been moved to the hospital floor.

The Pujerra fire rages on

A sweet moment

Among all the devastation, one firefighter had a small reprieve. He Tweeted, “despite the emergency, there are moments that comfort us. Life keeps making its way.”

Baycrest Wealth

Jubrique fire

Copernicus EMS (Emergency Management Service) have stated that the hot points seen from their viewer, show that the wildfire is burning very close to the area of the Jubrique fire in September of last year. At that time, over 8,000 hectares of land were destroyed.


Emergencias 112 confirm the 5 locations that were evacuated yesterday. For those who have not been evacuated, officials advise to keep windows and doors closed if you are experiencing smoke.

evacuated due to fire

Members of the Andalucian Police and the Guardia Civil are patrolling the evacuated areas and accompanying people who have urgent needs such as medication to collect or to care for animals etc.

As we head towards another evening, for everyone involved, there was a tactical meeting to discuss the work of the last few hours and to analyse the strategies involved over the next hours to come.


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