Two bodies found in Spain in deadly aftermath of storms

by Lorraine Williamson
two bodies found during on-going search

MADRID – In a tragic aftermath of the devastating DANA (Isolated High Level Depression) that hit Madrid last Sunday, the Guardia Civil has found two bodies in the heavily flood-hit Aldea del Fresno. 

The two bodies found near the Pedrera Bridge, are still being identified. The government delegation in Madrid has confirmed this. It was a hellish week for the rescue team. In addition to this tragic discovery, they are still looking for other missing people, including a 50-year-old father and an 83-year-old man with Alzheimer’s from Villamanta, a nearby village. 


The discovery comes after the miraculous rescue of a 10-year-old boy who had spent more than 12 hours in a tree to escape rising waters. He and three other members of his family disappeared Sunday evening when their car fell into the Alberche River. The woman was rescued that same night. She had been able to hide on a small rise by holding on to two tree trunks. Her daughter managed to reach the city on her own. 

Cogesa Expats

On Monday morning, the Guardia Civil found the 10-year-old son sitting in a tree where he may have spent twelve hours. He was found hypothermic and beaten. Since then, rescuers have been searching for the 50-year-old father of this family. 

Unabated searches 

The search continues for a missing woman in Toledo. She was swept away by the flood while driving on the CM-4004 highway near the municipality of Valmojado. The search is a joint operation between the Guardia Civil, fire brigade and other emergency services. They continue to work against the clock to find everyone, dead or alive. 

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