Two arrested for stealing Over 700 Pieces of Iberian hams with designation of origin “Los Pedroches”

by Lorraine Williamson
Iberian hams

GETAFE – The Guardia Civil has apprehended two individuals in Getafe, suspected of stealing 296 Iberian hams and shoulders, along with 448 cuts of Iberian loin in the town of Villanueva de Córdoba, located in the province of Córdoba.

The stolen products, all bearing the Designation of Origin “Valle de Los Pedroches,” are estimated to be worth €200,000.

Theft of two vans

The investigation began when the authorities received reports of a forced entry and theft of two vans. This was from a tyre workshop in Villanueva de Córdoba last Wednesday.

On the same night, another break-in occurred at a ham drying facility in the same locality. A total of 296 hams and shoulders, along with 448 cuts of Iberian loin, were taken in the incident.

The investigators examined both crime scenes and initiated a probe, suspecting a potential connection between the two thefts.

Stolen vans were traced

As the investigation progressed, one of the stolen vans was traced to an industrial estate in the Madrid town of Getafe. Guardia Civil officers discovered both vans at the location, and inside were the stolen hams and cured meats.

In total, the Guardia Civil recovered 296 hams and shoulders, along with 448 cuts of Iberian loin, leading to the arrest of two men as the alleged perpetrators of both robberies.

The detainees, along with the collected evidence, have been handed over to the judicial authorities for further proceedings.

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