These are the most stolen goods in Spain during the summer

by Lorraine Williamson
Christmas shopping

Supermarkets are exposed to shoplifting at any time of the year. The summer sees the most theft from Spanish supermarkets. There are notable differences in most stolen goods between the different autonomous regions.  

Figures for 2022 show that there were more than 170,000 cases of shoplifting in the third quarter of that year. The number of thefts increased by 24.7% last summer compared to 2021.According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, 26.7% of thefts in Spain take place during the summer season.  

According to Spanish newspaper Europa Press, summer thefts represent 0.9% of registered turnover for retailers. This represents a loss of €170 million. Sunscreen, condoms, alcohol and ice cream in particular are frequently stolen. However, the profile of shoplifters has changed over time. Earlier, they stole to use or consume the stolen goods themselves, now they sell the stolen goods to make money. 

Differences between autonomous communities 

There are differences by region when it comes to the most stolen products. For example, in the Madrid autonomous community, ice cream and cosmetic products top the list. Whereas, in Andalucia, it´s mosquito repellents and sunscreen. In the autonomous community of Valencia, it is also sunscreen. 

In Galicia, preserves and cheeses stand out, in the Balearic Islands make-up and fresh meat products, and in the Basque Country fresh produce and oils. 

For Asturias, Cantabria and Murcia, the most stolen products are frozen hake, sun creams and slippers, respectively. In Aragón, coffee capsules and cosmetic products stand out, and in the Canary Islands, condoms. 

Catalonia was the region with the highest number of thefts in shops during summer (20% of the national total) in 2022. Here, wines and spirits dominated the rankings, followed by meat products and ice cream. 


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