Twenty elderly people lost and rescued near Granada

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rescued near Granada

MONACHIL – A group of twenty elderly people between the ages of 68 and 78 were rescued by the Guardia Civil at the end of October. The group got lost near Granada in the municipality of Monachil.

It is the fifth rescue operation that the Guardia Civil has carried out at this location this year. At 3.30 pm on the Friday in question, the Guardia Civil received a report that an organised group of hikers had lost their way near the top of the Cerro de Huenes. When they tried to return to their starting point, they left the trail, lost track and were unable to continue.

Coordination of the rescue operation

The Guardia Civil mountain service spoke to the person who passed on the warning. They were then able to find out the approximate location of the group. The officers then instructed the entire group to return to the peak. Once they reached the top, they had to remain in place so that the Guardia Civil could easily locate them.

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Specialists in action

Two specialists left from the command in an official vehicle to the group’s location. They arrived at the Puente de los Siete Ojos, left the vehicle and continued on foot to the Cerro de Huenes. There the walkers were, “obediently”, waiting for the officers. After confirming that everyone was in good health, the Guardia Civil led them back to the bus that brought them to the area.

Multiple rescues at the same location

The Guardia Civil has indicated that this was not the first and certainly not the last rescue operation. Two days later, two young people aged 27 and 30 got lost in the same place. They were rescued after calling emergency number 112.

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