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2021 ended, and 2022 began with spring-like weather throughout most of Spain. There were record temperatures in the first few days of the year, not felt for around 40 years. However, in our latest article, the weather is set to change from Epiphany

New year traditions

We also looked at the various traditions in the run-up to the new year in Spain. This was contrasted by typical Scottish traditions (one of our editors is Scottish).  We asked you what traditions you follow in other parts of the UK and throughout the world. Or, perhaps, if you like in Spain, you followed some of the Spanish ones.

Top boss

Then we had some good news for the staff of a Mallorca car sale and rental company. The Moroccan-born owner of the company wanted to thank his staff and shared €1 million between them. OK Mobility Group was founded in 2005, and last year achieved a turnover of €294 million.  Ktiri truly is a “one in a million” boss!

Foreign workers

Nearly 2.3 million workers in Spain are foreigners. Consequently, over 11.5% of non-Spanish workers contribute to the national economy. Throughout Spain, the majority were from Romania, Morocco, Italy, Venezuela, and China. However, in the Balearics, the trend was slightly different. The main foreign workers on this Island group were from Italy, Germany, Morocco, Romania, and the UK.

La Palma eruption

Finally, on Christmas Eve, there was some good news for the inhabitants of the beautiful island of La Palma. The eruption had been quiet for ten days, which meant scientists declared the volcanic eruption officially over. The news came after almost 100 days of the islanders living with the Cumbre Vieja volcano. There is much to do, many homes and businesses were destroyed, and the lives of thousands of people were affected. The rebuilding can at last begin. Hopefully, 2022 is a good year for La Palma.

No travel through France

During the festive period, and as a result of the Omicron variant exploding in the UK, the French government decided to stop anyone passing through their country unless they were French nationals or had a compelling reason. This sent Eurotunnel passengers into chaos as travel plans had to be stopped or changed. 

However, according to Le Shuttle, the French government has since updated this ruling. Now, passengers travelling from the UK who are resident in other EU countries, can, under the Withdrawal Agreement travel through France to return to their homes. However, this is subject to their initial journey to the UK having been completed before December 28.

Furthermore, to keep updated, or if there is any doubt as to the requirements regarding vaccination and travel, contact the official French Consulate in London.

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