Spanish businessman divides a million euros among employees

by Lorraine Williamson
OK Mobility

MALLORCA – In 2005, a businessman born in Morocco founded the company, which last year achieved a turnover of €294 million. The company Ok Mobility focuses on the sale and rental of cars and is located in Mallorca. 

After starting out as a salesman for a dealership, this businessman decided to take the plunge in 2005 and set up his own automotive distribution company Logic. That was the germ of what is now his current international business. More than 450 employees work for him from offices in seven countries. 

‘Disruptive and integrated business model’ 

“For nearly two decades, we’ve been building a disruptive and integrated business model. That includes buying, renting, and selling cars. This allows us to control 100% of the entire lifecycle of a car. Meaning from the purchase of manufacturers and suppliers to commercialisation and sale. During this process, we rent out the cars ourselves. Or we offer them as a product that people can subscribe to,” he explained to Diario de Mallorca last May. 

Historical results of the past financial year 

Ktiri confesses to being “happy to live in paradise, Mallorca”, the place where he founded his business and watched it grow. He considers his employees, to whom he donated a million euros last Friday for the ‘historical results’ of the past financial year, as ‘his big family’. He describes himself as an “enthusiast of sports, fishing, and travel” as well as a person “constantly looking for innovative ideas that promote change in our society and contribute to a better world”. 

Ok Mobility has a long history as a sponsor of Real Mallorca. “Our relationship goes beyond the same Mallorcan origin,” explains the businessman. “We share sporting and human values. OK Mobility, like Real Mallorca, has proven in recent years that it can adapt to change. This has been accompanied by progressive and constant growth. It is this Mallorcan feeling that we share with the club which leads us to support a first-class team”. 

According to Diario de Mallorca, Ktiri confesses that the day he shocks his employees with the money is the happiest day of his life. 

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