Third world welcome for Britons holidaying on Mallorca

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Third world welcome at Palma airport

Mallorca may have been eagerly awaiting Britons to fill their hotels but authorities are not ready. A third world welcome awaited many arriving on Mallorca for long-awaited holidays.

When UK rules allowed fully vaccinated Brits to return from amber list countries without the need to quarantine, many headed to sunny climes.

Mallorca is a popular destination for holidaying Britons and the island has been keen for them to return and bolster the tourism and hospitality sector.

Third world welcome at Palma airport

Despite that, and earlier complaints of poor organisation, Palma airport does not have sufficient personnel to deal with incoming tourists quickly and efficiently.

Visitors can wait up to 40 minutes to show their documentation before starting their holiday.

“Scenes in the vaccine document verification area when arriving at the Palma airport. They are all funnelled into a small space, no ventilation, summer heat, poor 4g, queuing for 40 minutes. I bet that more people contracted the Covid right there than were rejected for not having the correct paperwork”, says the passenger who took the attached photograph and published it on social networks.

No quarantine requirements

Since July 19, Britons who have had two doses of vaccine do not have to quarantine when they return from Spain.

Today, the UK government announced that EU fully vaccinated visitors from amber countries could enter England and Scotland without the need for quarantine from Monday 2nd August, 4am.


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