The dark side behind the party culture in Ibiza

by Lorraine Williamson
party culture

IBIZA – The emergency service 061 on the island of Ibiza sounds the alarm: “Dangerous behaviour and party culture are taking their toll”. According to aid workers, behind the glitz and glamour on the party island with its endless nightlife, there is a dark reality. 

In Periodico de Ibiza they report that many tourists do not return alive from their holiday or return in a wheelchair. Pablo Corvinos, the doctor at the emergency service, explains that the number of serious accidents and urgent cases has increased significantly this summer. “Traffic accidents and balconing cases have increased by almost 20% compared to last year,” Corvinos said. 

In addition to accidents due to reckless behaviour, there are also many cases of drug and alcohol poisoning. This, can subsequently lead to additional traffic accidents. The doctor points to a “black week” in July in which several young people under the age of 25 suffered cardiac arrest related to drug use. 

Ecotax for medical services 

Desirée Ntongono, a nurse at the emergency response team, advocates a so-called ‘eco tax’ for tourists. The aim of this is to cover the additional costs caused by the enormous influx of patients. “75% of people who come to Ibiza for holiday use health care. This leads to a huge overload on the system,” Ntongono said in the local newspaper. 

The role of party drugs 

A common drug the nurse mentions is an amphetamine version of ecstasy, also called ‘Molly’. “This substance is increasingly consumed without awareness of the dangers,” she warns. This leads to many cases of poisoning and can have fatal consequences. 

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Traffic accidents, drownings, balconing and stabbings 

At the same time, Doctor Corvinos stated that not only have these cases of use increased, but the number of injuries resulting from traffic accidents, drownings, balconing and stabbings in public spaces has also increased exponentially this year. The increase in tourist numbers on the island this season has led to increased pressure on the 061 ambulance service. 

A plea for awareness 

Marko Tango, an emergency services technician, says that if the countries of origin of the victims were aware of these dangers, Ibiza might become less attractive as a party culture holiday destination. The team of healthcare professionals calls for more media attention to draw attention to the dark side of tourism in Ibiza. 

Party drug Molly 

“Molly” is a colloquial term for a form of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), a synthetic drug that can induce feelings of euphoria and empathy. However, the risks and dangers are many. The drug is very potent and an overdose can lead to serious medical complications. In addition, it can accelerate the heart rhythm, which can lead to heart problems, especially in people with existing conditions. 

Taking Molly in combination with other substances, such as alcohol or stimulants, increases the risk of negative interactions. There is also a risk that pills are adulterated with other dangerous substances. This increases the risk of overdose or poisoning. Finally, there is evidence that regular use of MDMA can lead to long-term neurological and cognitive damage. 

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