Spanish police dismantle first “Rosin” laboratory in Spain

Five arrested in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as police bust operation in Arona

by Lorraine Williamson
"Rosin" laboratory

The Spanish National Police have successfully dismantled the first laboratory in Spain dedicated to the production of a new narcotic substance known as “rosin.” The operation took place in the municipality of Arona, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The successful operation led to the arrest of five individuals. Among them was the primary suspect caught in the act of cooking the drug inside the clandestine laboratory.


“Rosin” is identified as an ultra-concentrated derivative of hashish, undergoing various filtration, freezing, and drying processes. Subsequent pressing and purification result in a highly pure substance referred to as “rosin” or “rosin hash.” The arrested individuals include the main suspect and individuals responsible for several cannabis clubs in the Tenerife municipalities of Arona and Adeje.

During the operation, the police seized the following;

  • 1.7 kilograms of “rosin”
  • 167 containers of resin from the same substance
  • 54 kilograms of marijuana
  • 145 plants
  • 2 kilograms of hashish during the operation

Additionally, the laboratory equipment and €15,000 in cash were confiscated.

Citizen collaboration

The investigation was initiated based on information received through the official email account of the National Police’s anti-drug unit. Furthermore, the tip-off suggested the presence of an Italian citizen allegedly manufacturing a new narcotic substance in an underground laboratory in Arona.

Cogesa Expats

The primary suspect, a 29-year-old individual, was observed entering and leaving the suspected laboratory location regularly. The investigation also revealed frequent visits to various cannabis clubs in Arona and Adeje. The intensified influx of people into these clubs after the suspect’s departure led the authorities to conclude that they were functioning as distribution points for the newly created narcotic substance, “rosin.”

What is “Rosin”?

“Rosin” is an ultra-concentrated hashish derivative obtained through the bubble hash method. This technique involves using 75 kilograms of marijuana buds to produce one kilogram of “rosin.” The extraction process, conducted with fresh plants, involves the use of ice and water in a cube, where trichome heads are released and filtered. Different screens are used to produce various types of “rosin,”. These are then frozen, resulting in a paste of varying colors based on the drug’s quality. The frozen paste is dehydrated using a freeze dryer, producing the final “rosin” product, a high-quality hashish derivative further processed into “rosin hash” through pressing.

The arrested individual demonstrated advanced knowledge in temperature management, crucial for determining the purity and final quality of the product. Finally, the finished substance is  stored in glass jars and kept refrigerated to ensure proper preservation and maintain THC levels.

Cannabis clubs

In a coordinated operation in mid-October, five individuals were apprehended, and three cannabis clubs, along with the residence of the main suspect, were simultaneously raided. Furthermore, the primary suspect was caught in the basement of the residence. This is where the clandestine laboratory was located. Moreover, at the time of his arrest, he was actively preparing the drug.

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