Latest rain brings flamingos back to Fuente de Piedra

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flamingos fuente de piedra

After the last rain showers, the flamingos have arrived in the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra nature reserve, in the province of Málaga. There they investigate whether the place is suitable enough to reproduce.

Before flamingos decide to stay in the lagoon, much more rain is needed in the near future. Only then will the right conditions arise for these birds.

What is Fuente de Piedra?

The town of Fuente de Piedra is famous for the nature reserve of the same name, the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra. This saltwater lake is the largest lagoon in Andalucia and the second largest in Spain. When conditions are good, the lake is known for impressive flamingo colonies that come to breed here every year. The lagoon offers ideal breeding conditions – with sufficient rainfall. The salty water of the lagoon is perfect for the growth of algae and other microorganisms that flamingos feed on. Additionally, the vast, shallow waters of the lagoon provide a safe place for flamingos to build their nests, away from predators. Every spring, the lagoon of Fuente de Piedra transforms into a vibrant breeding area, where thousands of flamingos come together to breed and raise their young. This spectacular natural phenomenon attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Visit Laguna Fuente de Piedra

The Laguna de Fuente de Piedra is located near the town of the same name in the province of Málaga, about a 20-minute drive from Antequera, easily accessible from the A-92 to Seville. The best time to see the flamingos is during the breeding season in spring. That is from March to May. Under the right conditions you can see large numbers of flamingos breeding. Admission to the lagoon, José Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre and surrounding natural areas is free, but some specific activities or tours may require a fee.

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