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When thinking of popular Spanish destinations, one quickly thinks of Madrid, Barcelona, or one of the islands. But the reality is quite different. investigated what is currently the most searched Spanish destination on their travel platform. The outcome is surprising.

In a recent report, the platform revealed the favorite places of users planning to travel this year. Pontevedra (Galicia) turns out to be the most searched Spanish destination among travelers from around the world for the coming year. The Galician city ranks first, surpassing well-known cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Spaniards prefer coastal towns

Galicia is not only popular among international travelers. Among Spanish users of the platform, this region also appears in the top ten. The city of Lugo is chosen by Spaniards as the sixth most popular destination for their vacations next year. At the top of the list is Madrid, followed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Murcia, and Cádiz. Except for Madrid, all are coastal towns. A significant factor for 77% of Spaniards. According to another survey conducted by, they indicate feeling relaxed during their vacation when they are near the sea.

Escaping the heat

According to, there has been a shift in Spanish tourism towards cooler destinations. This may be a response to the effects of climate change and the rising temperatures in the tourists’ home regions. More than half of the Spanish respondents indicate that climate change will influence their vacation planning. They plan to use their free days to escape the heat of their own cities.

More affordable vacations

In addition to the climate, the economic situation of travelers also affects their travel behavior. More than 43% of respondents say they are looking for affordable vacations. Galicia turns out to be a perfect retreat for this target group. Not only is there a great diversity of accommodations and landscapes, but due to the popular pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago, there are also many hostels and pensions available.

Galicia increasingly popular

The figures also confirm the growing popularity of Galicia. Last year, the Spanish region recorded over 4.8 million travelers, accounting for more than 9.5 million overnight stays. An increase of 6% compared to 2022. “We are delighted that Pontevedra and Lugo have become two of the most sought-after destinations in Spain for travel in 2024, both internationally and nationally. We hope everyone will visit and fall in love with this beautiful region, which has so much to offer,” said Pilar Crespo, Regional Manager for Spain and Portugal at

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