Seven dead in Christmas Eve bus crash

by Lorraine Williamson
bus crash in Galicia

GALICIA – Seven people have now been confirmed dead after a bus crashed and plunged from a bridge into the Lérez river in Pontevedra, Galicia.

The bus had been travelling from Lugo to Vigo when the crash happened. It fell from the bridge around 30 metres into the river. At the time, there was heavy rain and therefore, the current was strong and fast-flowing.

Two survivors

The driver and one other passenger survived the crash but both sustained injuries. Initially 6 bodies were retrieved and confirmed dead.

However, according to El Pais, the search continued yesterday for a 7th person when the son of the female survivor reported another woman was on the bus but had not been named among the dead. The woman was a friend of his mother, and they had planned to have dinner together.

Her body was later spotted, and recovered from the river by helicopter.

Bus crash reported

Police were quickly on the scene following the accident as a passer-by had reported a missing section from the safety barrier on the bridge. A passenger in the bus also contacted police as the bus was filling with water, and people were trapped inside.

Cogesa Expats


President of the Regional Government of Galicia, Alfonso Rueda Tweeted his condolences to the families of the deceased and paid thanks to the rescue workers.

He Tweeted, “I have been at the scene of the accident in Cerdedo-Cotobade to encourage and thank the security and emergency personnel for their professionalism and dedication. They have been there since the start and under very difficult conditions”. He added, “I am very grateful for today’s call from His Majesty King Felipe VI to express his solidarity with the families of the seven fatalities in the bus accident on Christmas Eve. The expressions of affection that have come from all over Spain are moving”.

Pedro Sanchez also took to Twitter to say he was “Shocked by the tragic accident that occurred in Pontevedra. All my love to the relatives of the deceased and wishing that the injured recover soon. My thanks to the emergency teams for their relief and rescue work in such a complex situation”.

The government delegate in Galicia, José Minoñes paid his respects and visited the location of the accident.

Investigation into bus crash

The cause of the accident is yet unknown and is under investigation. However local reports say the driver was experienced, and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


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