Lost bag with €11,000 returned to the owner

by Lorraine Williamson
11000 found in Do Concello

CANGAS – The belief that money that comes too easily can bring bad luck led an honest employee of the municipal sanitation service of Cangas (Pontevedra) to return a bag containing €11000 to its rightful owner. 

The bag he found on a bench in a square in Do Concello, was full of envelopes with 50 notes of €20. In total, there were more than €11000 euros in the bag. Victor Montes Pardo tells his story in the newspaper Faro de Vigo and explains: “that easy money would bring bad luck”. 

The 57-year-old resident of Cangas de Morrazo immediately handed over the bag to the police. Soon after, the owner of the bag also appeared at the police station. Moreover, that turned out to be a 76-year-old woman from Vigo. She told the police that the bag contained all her savings. After verifying that it was indeed her bag, the police gave it with the €11000 to the delighted woman. 

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“Money that comes easily to you, you have to be careful with that. I believe a lot in those things of bad luck and those that bring bad luck. Maybe I’ll open that bag, find the money and take it to use and then I’ll be hit by a car or get sick,” said the honest finder about his act. 

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