Summer just started, but Spanish city of Vigo begins Christmas decorations

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decorations - Christmas in Vigo

In a quest to deliver “the best Christmas on this planet,” as stated by the mayor of Vigo, the city’s administration has already begun its Christmas preparations. While summer has just started and people are heading to the beach with their swimwear and parasols, Vigo is gearing up for the festive season.

Competing for the best Christmas lights

Spanish cities have been increasingly competitive in decorating their urban areas to become the most festive. This competition drives city administrations to attract crowds to their city centres. Málaga, in southern Spain, has been notably successful, drawing tens of thousands of visitors daily with three nightly Christmas light shows synchronised to both classical and modern Christmas music.

In Vigo, alongside tourists carrying suitcases and beach gear, city workers will soon be seen putting up Christmas decorations. Although the official lighting will not be turned on until November, the city starts its preparations as early as July.

Christmas decoration operation begins

Mayor Caballero confirmed that city employees would start hanging Christmas decorations in the coming weeks. He announced this during an interview on the program ‘La Hora de La 1’. “And all of Spain will see it,” proclaimed an enthusiastic Caballero.

A summer tradition

This early start is not new for Vigo. In August 2022, Caballero posed with Christmas wreaths in the city centre to kick off the installation of the decorations. Vigo’s Christmas tradition has a unique connection to the summer. In September 2018, Caballero garnered national attention by announcing in a press conference that Vigo would offer “the best Christmas in the world.”

“Best Christmas in the world” set to be even bigger this year

Each year, Vigo’s lighting plan becomes more ambitious. In 2018, the city began with nine million LED lights, which increased to ten million in 2019, eleven million in 2020, and 11.5 million last year. This year, Caballero promises an even grander display. The city will feature 11.5 million LED lights across 420 streets and squares. Additionally, there will be 1,259 decorative arches, 2,674 decorative elements, 2,518 trees, and numerous other decorations spread over markets, squares, roundabouts, and various other locations.


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