UEFA Euro 2024 – The first of the quarter-finals – Spain v Germany

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain v Germany

FOOTBALL – Dubed as the unofficial final, Spain v Germany. The top two rated teams battled it out in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Euro 2024 on Friday July 5.

It was a tense game with Spain scoring first. Germany struggled to get the equaliser until the last minute. This put the game into extra time. Then Spain scored. Once again, Germany were frantic to equalise to send the game to penalties, but it was not to be. After extra time and stoppage time added, Spain won 2-1. The host nation would not progress.

First half

The first minute of the game brought a chance for Pedri with a shot at goal, but it was easily saved. After a couple of spells on the ground, Pedri was unable to continue and was taken off through injury after only 8 minutes. He was replaced by Olmo.

Another near miss for Spain as Yamal sent the ball just wide of the post. Just 20 minutes in and Spain seemed to be in control.

The first real chance came for Germany just after the half hour mark when Havertz attempted a low strike at goal, but it was saved by Simon.

Five minutes before half time, Spain had another chance from sub Olmo who fired a low shot on target, but it was pushed away to safety.

The first half ended goalless but with Spain very much the dominant side.

Second half

The second half started much the same as the first with an early chance for Spain inside 2 minutes but the ball was sent just over the top bar by Morata.

Then after 51 minutes, the goal for Spain finally came. Yamal sent a low pass to Olmo who put it in the bottom left hand corner of the net. It was 1-0 for Spain.

At this point, the German side appeared to wake up but they still failed to get close to scoring. Until the 69th minute when Andrich had his chance, but it was pushed away out of danger. A couple of minutes later Fullkrug took the ball into the box and passed to Havertz, but Carvajal managed to block the pass. A few minutes after that, Fullkrug had another chance, but hit the post. Germany were throwing everything they had at Spain in an attempt to get the equaliser. Then Havertz had two good chances, the first went over the bar, and the second was saved by Simon.

But in the last minute of normal time, the goal eventually came for Germany. Kimmich headed the ball to Wirtz who sent the ball off the left post and into the net.

Four minutes were added for stoppage time and although Kimmich had a chance, the score remained 1-1.

Extra time

Both sides were fired up and the play was frantic and pretty much end to end. Wirtz has a good chance denied in the final minute of stoppage time as his strike narrowly missed. Despite this, the first half of extra time only produced more yellow cards, but no goals.

In the second half of extra time, the yellow cards continued, and another chance for Germany as Fullkrug´s header was saved by Simon.

Then in the final minute, Merino assisted by Olmo, got the goal for Spain. Fullkrug missed a chance of an equaliser as his ball just went wide in stoppage time. One goal from the German side would have taken the game to penalties. Six minutes into stoppage time, and Carvajal is shown his second yellow card, and is sent off. With barely any time left on the clock both sides desperate for a win, and Spain were down to 10 men. Immediately, Kroos got a chance, but Simon got a touch to it. Germany were unable to score and the game ended 2-1.

Cards and elimination

An incredible 13 yellow cards and 1 red card was issued during the match. Olmo was awarded Player of the Match.

This was the first time a host nation has been eliminated at the quarter-final stage of the championship.

Other matches

In the other quarter final on Friday, Portugal took on France. The game remained goalless through normal time and extra time, and therefore went to penalties.

Dembele of France took the first penalty and scored. Ronaldo for Portugal also scored. The next up (Fofana and Silva) for each side also scored. Kounde then scored but Felix missed. France then had the advantage. Both Barcola and Mendes scored next, but when Fernandez scored for France next, it meant Portugal were going home. The match ended 0 (3) – 0 (5).

France will now play Spain in the first of the semi-finals on Tuesday evening at 9.00 pm.

England play their quarter-final match this evening at 6.00 pm against Switzerland, follwed at 9.00 pm when Turkey take on the Netherlands.

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