Wife of Prime Minister Sánchez summoned again in corruption case

Begoña Goméz must explain alleged corruption on July 19

by Lorraine Williamson
wife of Sanchez

Begoña Goméz, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, was questioned by a judge on Friday, July 5. He called on her to give an explanation on July 19 in an investigation into corruption and bribes. 

In the end, Begoña Goméz was only in court for 30 minutes. The investigating judge Juan Carlos Peinado decided to suspend the testimony of Begoña Gómez as a defendant. The reason was that she had not been informed of the admission of an indictment by Hazte Oír, who is cited in the case as a popular accusation. Gómez is due back in court on July 19. “The judge surprised us, because despite the fact that in the order [sent on Monday] he limited the facts under investigation to the original complaint, he told us on arrival that there was a new complaint that had not been communicated to us,” explained Gómez’s lawyer, former Socialist minister Antonio Camacho. 

Why this research? 

Spanish media reported that the investigation focuses on Gómez’s contacts with private companies that have received money or commissions from the government. According to Manos Limpias, it is alleged influence and corruption in business. It would be a series of contracts awarded to the businessman Barrabés, a professor in a master’s program that Goméz followed. 

Hazte Oír also filed a complaint. It is also about influencing and about profiting from the “commercial and professional relationships between different companies and entities”. In addition, Goméz is said to be offering or exerting her influence in “the granting of subsidies and state aid”. Other allegations in the case, such as Vox, also denounced other facts, such as the alleged appropriation of software for the master’s degree of the chair of the Complutense University of Madrid. 

The rector of the Complutense University, Joaquín Goyache, has testified before Judge Peinado that Begoña Gómez, before becoming co-director, summoned him to Moncloa to meet him “in person” before he was given the chair. He denies that any irregularities have taken place. Goyache testified on Friday to clarify his professional relationship with Gómez, examined for a series of contracts awarded to the businessman Juan Carlos Barrabés, professor of a master’s degree of this chair. 

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Accusations PP 

In addition, the PP has accused Begoña Gómez, the wife of the president of the government, of not being in favour of “facilitating the action of Justice”, after the judge suspended her testimony as a suspect for the alleged crimes 

Reactions of the Socialists 

The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, considers it “outrageous” that Gómez has been forced to go to court on Friday to testify without knowing “the details of the accusation”. The Minister of the Presidium, Félix Bolaños, also believes that “it has become clear that he is extremely defenseless”. 

“All the lies of the ultra-right organisations that denounced him have been refuted by the report of the Civil Guard and the Public Prosecutor’s Office (…) Obviously, there is nothing at all that will continue if this judicial process continues. Therefore, it is natural for citizens to wonder what is the point of this unnecessary extension,” he said. 

The secretary general of the PSOE in Madrid, Juan Lobato, stressed that the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard has said that “there is nothing” against the wife of Prime Minister Sánchez. He respects the judiciary and said that “the system works”. Yet he also emphasised that “there can always be a judge who makes a mistake” and that there are “appeals” for that reason. 



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