Christmas lights in Málaga 2023: all about the light show celebration in the city

by Lorraine Williamson
Málaga Christmas lights

MÁLAGA – When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? And what will the Christmas decorations look like in 2023? Like the past years, the southern Spanish city organizes a spectacular light show with music during the holidays to captivate residents and visitors.

MÁLAGA – When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? And what will the Christmas decorations look like in 2023? Since the southern Spanish city organizes a spectacular light show with music every year during the holidays, many look forward to this. 

The Christmas light shows in Málaga attract tens of thousands of visitors every day from the last Friday of November until January 6. The centre of the city and especially the famous shopping street Calle Larios is then filled with people who come to the spectacle. Often they combine it with a visit to this city that still has a growing interest. They take the opportunity to shop or go on a tapas tour.

When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? 

The lights will be switched on in a festive manner on Friday, November 24 at 7 p.m. 


The music during the light shows consists of classics such as ‘Jingle Bells’ by the Johann Strauss Orchestra and other internationally known Christmas carols, as well as modern Christmas carols and the typical Spanish ‘villancicos’.

What will the Christmas lights in Málaga look like? 

Last year the festivities department of the municipality announced a change after four years of the same lighting. Then, the Christmas Forest was replaced by  a set of 16 “Celestial Angels” arranged in Calle Larios between 32 illuminated pillars. The design is made exclusively for Málaga. The angels are attached to the side columns with light trails. The theme of the projections is Christmas in the broadest sense of the word. But also with nods to the scents and flavours of Málaga. 

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2.2 Million LED lights and videomapping

This year there will be 2.2 million LED lights spread throughout the city on 500 streets, squares and roundabouts. For comparison, a city like San Sebastián has 600,000. In 2023, images will also be projected using video mapping on the facades of emblematic buildings such as the cathedral and some buildings on Plaza de la Constitución. The Alameda Principal with its centuries-old trees turns into a true fairytale forest thanks to the specially installed Christmas lights.

Illumination spectacle in Málaga botanical garden

Another fairytale forest is being created elsewhere in Málaga with an impressive light and sound spectacle in the Jardín Botánico de la Concepción. The show “Angélical: El Reino de los Ángeles de la Navidad” takes visitors on a journey through eight different Christmas scenes, each with a unique theme ranging from winter charm to spiritual elements. From December 1 until January 7, visitors can admire the spectacle every day from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM, with entry times every 30 minutes. There are light shows, illuminated sculptures, and angelic decorations that create a dreamlike world amid all the botanical splendor. 

To facilitate access to the event, there are parking zones with more than 400 parking spaces and shuttle services to the entrance of the garden. For smooth access, a special tourist bus also runs from the city center to the event. There is free cotton candy for children. Tickets for the show are available online from November 8 at 5:00 PM via the official website.

How much do the Christmas lights cost in Málaga? 

The municipality spent €1.4 million on the lighting of Calle Larios and the rest of the decoration in the center of the city. In total, this investment will illuminate 500 streets and roundabouts with around 1,350,000 light points. 

When is the Christmas show? 

There are three Christmas shows in Málaga every day, except from December 24 and 31. These are at 6.30 pm, 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm. However, in general, the lights come on every day at 6.30 pm. From Sunday to Thursday they go out at midnight. From Friday to Saturday at 2 am. Herewith the Townhall intends to raise awareness about energy savings. On December 24 and 31, they will be on until 6 am. 

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