Christmas lights in Málaga 2022: all about the light show celebration in the city

by Lorraine Williamson
Málaga Christmas lights
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MÁLAGA – When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? And what will the Christmas decorations look like in 2022? The southern Spanish city organises a spectacular light show with music every year during the holidays. 

MÁLAGA – When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? And what will the Christmas decorations look like in 2022? Since the southern Spanish city organises a spectacular light show with music every year during the holidays, many look forward to this. 

The Christmas light shows in Málaga attract tens of thousands of visitors every day. The centre of the city and especially Calle Larios is then filled with people who come to the spectacle. Often they combine it with a visit to this city that still has a growing interest. 

When do the Christmas lights go on in Málaga? 

The Christmas decorations for 2022 will be inaugurated on November 26 at 7.00 pm with the lights remaining on until January 6. 

What will the new Christmas lights look like? 

The festivities department of the municipality has announced that after four years of the same lighting and two years of the pandemic in between, the Christmas Forest will be replaced by a set of 16 “Celestial Angels” arranged in Calle Larios between 32 illuminated pillars. The design comes from Iluminaciones Ximénez and is made exclusively for Malaga. The angels are attached to the side columns with light trails. The theme of the projections is Christmas in the broadest sense of the word. But also with nods to the scents and flavours of Málaga. 

The light show 

As usual, the Christmas lights of Calle Larios are accompanied by a light and music show. The following songs are used: Carol of the Bells (Libera children’s choir) and Jingle Bells (Herd the lord). Two more themes will be added to this that will be announced later. 

What other Christmas lights can you see in the city? 

In 80 emblematic areas, there are 56 metal structures, 66 Christmas trees, 19 ground figures, 2 areas with garlands, 89 lamppost motifs, 3 three-dimensional structural pine trees, 232 arches, 16 grouped motifs, 23 ground figures, 16 special arches for street mounted Larios and 6 characters, among many other Christmas themed motifs. In total there are more than one and a half million LED light points with a capacity of 125 kilowatts. 

How much do the Christmas lights cost in Málaga? 

The municipality is investing €1.4 million in the lighting of Calle Larios and the rest of the decoration in the centre of the city. In total, this investment will illuminate 500 streets and roundabouts with around 1,350,000 light points. 


When is the Christmas show premiere? 

The Christmas lights in Málaga will premiere on November 26 at 7.00 pm. The city council then attends the first musical show. Immediately after, around 7.15 pm, the group Andy and Lucas close the show with a concert of about an hour. This will end before the next light show begins.

When is the Christmas show? 

There are three Christmas shows in Málaga every day, except on December 24 and 31. These are at 6.30 pm, 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm. However, in general, the lights come on every day at 6.30 pm. From Sunday to Wednesday they go out at midnight and from Thursday to Saturday at 2 am, intending to raise awareness about energy savings. On December 24 and 31, they will be on until 6 am. 

Christmas decorations in other streets 

Calle San Juan, Calle Molina Lario and 11 streets that lead to Calle Larios will receive a special decoration based on chandeliers. For example, the streets of Sancha de Lara, Don Juan Díaz, Bolsa, Strachan, Moreno Monroy, Martínez, Alarcón Luján, Manuel Pérez Bryan, Álvarez Fonseca, Marín García and Liborio García will have a total of 76 three-dimensional chandeliers. 

On Calle San Juan there will be three different spaces that will simulate a ‘Magic Cave’, a ‘Heaven of Reeds’ and a ‘Spider Room’ in a light show. According to a municipal statement, when passing through the ‘Magidche Cave’, the passerby will have the feeling of walking through the interior of a cave, complete with illuminated stalactites as you look up. 

In the ‘Heaven van reed’ area, according to the municipality, you get the thrill of walking along a path with a natural plant blanket of this plant material. It is complemented by handmade and rustic Edison bulbs that provide a warm light with a rustic and traditional touch. 

Finally, with the concept of the ‘Spider Room,’ you imagine yourself in a baroque room. “Above your head, you will be able to perceive the warmth of the candle lamps and the coldness of the sparkling ice-cold glass,” according to the description of the municipality. 

Projection on the cathedral 

A video mapping or architectural projection will appear again this year on the facade of the tower of the cathedral on the south side. Using the latest laser projection technology, infographics have been created on demand in 2 and 3 dimensions to complete a large format show. This activity is operated by the Firefly Events company and the shows are daily from January 27 to 4 at 6.30 pm, 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm, except December 24 and 31. The estimated duration of the show is 8 to 10 minutes. 

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