Spain under spell of saving heavily pregnant cow Lola for days

by Lorraine Williamson
Lola the pregnant cow saved - @Telecinco Twitter

GALICIA – Many Spaniards have expressed sympathy for Lola, the heavily pregnant cow that has been stuck in the bank of a river in Pontevedra since November 12. About ten local residents worked night shifts and together gave Lola´s adventure a happy outcome. 

On Friday 12 November, the owner noticed that three cows had disappeared from their barn in Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra). Lola appeared to have escaped from the barn with two other cows between Thursday to Friday night. The next morning it was discovered the three cows had fallen into the river in Vilanova. 

Two cows saved thanks to help from local residents 

Since Friday, the farmer’s wife, local residents, the mayor, and rescue workers have been doing everything possible to rescue them. Then, that same day, two cows managed to get back on dry land with a little help from local residents. 

Local residents work night shifts to care for and protect cows 

The main concerns were about cow Lola, who is 7 months pregnant and therefore has difficulty walking. So she couldn’t get on the side like her peers. And because Lola is heavily pregnant, it was extra important she did not run out of food and drink. 

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Local residents took turns working shifts to stay with Lola and provide her with water, food, and warm blankets. Especially at night, neighbours wanted to stay with her to protect her from attacks from wolves and other predators. 

Cow Lola rescued from river after five days 

The area around the river is steep and rocky, so the road to the river bank had to be cleared first. Through the mayor, one of the neighbours came to the aid of the group with an excavator that was used to make a path for Lola to get up that way on her own. 

Finally, around 4.30 pm on Tuesday, he managed to remove several boulders, after which Lola was indeed able to climb up from the bank of the river itself under her own power. Although the animal is tired after days of exertion, she is in good health. Shortly after the successful rescue, Lola started eating and drinking again and everything seems to be going well with her and the unborn calf. 


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