Will Basque restaurants introduce corona certificate?

by Lorraine Williamson
Basque restaurants

The Basque Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, is going to ask the Supreme Court of the Basque Country for permission to make the corona certificate compulsory in restaurants and entertainment venues. 

During the press conference, Sagardui discussed the pandemic situation. She gave an insight into a number of measures that will be taken to contain the spread of the virus. For example, the suspension of activities or events where prevention measures cannot be guaranteed. And also the strengthening of measures related to the avoidance of crowds and concentrations of people.  This could include the introduction to make production of the corona certificate mandatory in bars and restaurants and other venues throughout the Basque Country.

Will Navarre, Catalonia and Valencia follow? 

The autonomous regions of Navarra, Catalonia and Valencia are currently studying the use of the corona certificate. Marian Nuin is the top woman of the Institute of Public Health and Labour of Navarra. On Tuesday she said she wants to study the possibility of applying for the certificate in the region. This is because of the increasing number of infections and the ‘unfavourable situation’. 

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Nuin told the media that in the current situation ‘there is an increase in the cumulative incidence. This applies both over 14 days and 7 days and ‘the upward trend continues’. She also pointed out that hospital occupancy is also ‘gradually’ and ‘slowly’ increasing. She wants to ‘closely monitor this unfavourable situation’. The president of the Valencian regional government, Ximo Puig, had also announced he would speed up the legal procedure for the introduction of the ‘corona certificate’ this week. 


Catalonia makes the introduction dependent on the development of the pandemic. The spokeswoman of the Catalan government, Patrícia Plaja, has assured she will consider introducing the use of the certificate in order to prevent new closures and restrictions if the ‘significant’ increase in the number of cases observed in the last two weeks persists. 

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